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Here at Crake Trees Manor breakfast is of tremendous importance. I try to keep the breakfast menu that little bit different, as well as including a traditional Farmhouse Platter of course. The Westmorland Oatcakes are popular, mainly because they are not what folks eat at home everyday. We use Oatmeal from the Watermill at Great Salkeld , and sometimes Spelt instead of Wheat Flour, which means the oatcakes can be tolerated by folks with a wheat allergy.

12 oz Medium and Fine Oatmeal
8 oz SR Flour or Spelt plus baking powder
1pt Milk and plain Yogurt mixed
1 pt Water
½ tbsp Salt
½ tbsp Sugar

Mix with a wooden spoon and soak overnight .
Re-mix well and maybe add a drop more water.
Cook the oatcakes as you would cook pancakes using a few drops of melted oil/butter mix to grease the pan.

It’s quite a job that requires a lot of patience, and the skill of a good oatcake comes with much practise. I can never make them as well as Agnes, who used to work for me. Polish people have a natural talent in the pancake department. When you have a good stack of oatcakes, freeze them interwoven with greaseproof.

They are served at Crake Trees Manor with 2 slices of smoked bacon and a tot of maple syrup…..
At dinner time with a grating of hard ewe’s cheese from the Appleby Creamery and homemade apple & date chutney.


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